Home food delivery for people living alone, disabled, frail, housebound, widowers, people unable to cook for themselves or people coming out of hospitals.

Free Yoga classes for everyone.

Hounslow Multi-Cultural Centre

Benefits to the elderly men and women:

 38 percent of the total adult population in the borough is from ethnic minorities, and a growing proportion of these being elderly citizens. The Borough has a sizeable proportion of over 50's. A huge number of people who access our Centre live alone and have illnesses such as heart problems, diabetes, asthma, hypertension which reduces mobility. Many have fallen victim to social exclusion and isolation. Loneliness and depression and becomes a part of their lives. Their needs are not always identified or met.

The Centre gives them the opportunity to socialise with others of similar cultural and lifestyle backgrounds and share their experiences, which is vital for their mental health and wellbeing.

 Through the long span of its existence, HMCC has made a huge difference to the lives of those who are frail, isolated, sick, housebound and depressed by providing them with nutritional lunches and high quality food and beverage service allied to health and well being

 As we have tailor made services, ultimately, that means it provides culturally appropriated services and that our elderly beneficiaries are treated with the due respect for their seniority and circumstances.
Elderly people have benefitted  with  better health by fulfilling  their dietary needs reducing  health issues,
Improved overall quality of their lives both physically and psychologically by having sense of belonging and community involvement.
Maintain independence, boosting elderly people moral, help reducing depression and isolation by community inclusion and help them to come to terms with their circumstances.
Our projects provide additional experience to volunteers i.e. increased confidence for opportunity to get work or for other volunteer positions in other organisations.

 Benefits to Youngsters and women:

Dance and music classes are also held for youngsters and women in some evenings to break down the barriers of exclusion: and to sensitively engage people of all ages who through language, religion or culture are isolated and excluded from the opportunities to fully explore their aspirations and skills.

The Centre contributes to the reduction of crime and disorder in the Borough by providing activities for young people, which provide a diversion from anti social behaviour activities and by creating understanding and tolerance through Centre’s multi-cultural programme.

 Working in conjunction with the Borough, HMCC ability to add value to and extend the statutory services provides a “bespoke” solution to individual need with the potential of using this informal engagement as a platform for encouraging individuals to participate in new opportunities to gain new skills.

The Centre continues to be a unique signpost for the continuing “churn” of communities arriving from all over the world and their integration into Hounslow Borough’s population, breaking down the barriers of language and culture and creating the first “bridge” into the Borough Council.

 Besides the regular activities that happen at the Centre, a number of BAME organisations/groups have been supported and facilitated by the Centre to develop their projects.
HMCC Current Services:

• Daily luncheon club and home delivery of meals adapted to meet the specific dietary needs for Senior Citizens, and others, many of whom are both disabled, and chronically sick. Food take away service is also available.

• Voluntary support services including letter writing and translation services to the elderly and disabled men and women including frail, sick, housebound and isolated people tailored to improve the quality of their lives.

• Health and Wellbeing seminars relating to health and fitness for the elderly and health issues to keep our elderly men and women in good shape, healthy and active.

• Invitations to specialists such as physiotherapists and GP have to educate the elderly people about health problems in old age and in general and the ways to prevent some illnesses which may cause distress in old age.

• Light exercise sessions and walks for maintaining good health for older people.

• Accompanied outings for housebound, isolated and indigent individuals, including national and international trips especially for the elderly men and women.

• Music Lessons including learning Tabla, Dhol, Dholak, Drums, Harmonium, Vocal training and keyboard skills.

• Keep fit and Dance lessons especially for women (Bhangra).

• Multi-Cultural and heritage awareness projects (Concerts, seminars and workshops) including poetry, prose, dance, music and participation together with interfaith groups aimed at creating a cohesive agenda for Hounslow.

• Celebration of faith festivals from various communities  i.e. Diwali, Vaisakhi, Eid and Christmas etc. to educate people about the cultural and religious values of each other’s faith which helps  bringing communities closer and also help reduce crime and disorder.

• Fund raising events and concerts.

• Multi-lingual poetry reading sessions for upcoming and famous writers.

• Hall hiring facilities for individuals and other voluntary organisations.

• Providing our space and facilities for other organisations to develop their projects, exchange experiences, integration and cohesion in the communities and developing public relations.


Hounslow Multi-Cultural Centre is Reg. Charity No. 1081323

Recent Services Added

Learn Music, Singing, Bhangra Dance,Tabla and Dhol playing with UK's finest teacher and brush up your skills.


• SINGING- Folk, Classical, Light Classical, Bollywood Songs- Every Wednesday 6.15pm to 7.15pm
• TABLA PLAYING- Wednesday from 6.15pm to 7.15pm
• HARMONIUM- Wednesday from 6.15pm to 7.15pm
• DHOL PLAYING- Thursday from 5pm to 6pm

Mental Health Awareness

  •  Dementia
  • Diabetes via Eye Health/Retinal Screening
  • Healthy Eating
  • CVD
  • Promote Pharmacy and Alternatives to
  • A&E

We will also be holding health awareness seminars
For further information please contact us on 020 8577 2702 / 1640